Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Seton Medical Center...Nurses stiff patients! Administration ignores problem!

You have to wonder who is calling the kettle black when it comes to all that is fair and just in the medical profession at local hospitals and in-take facilities.

In recent days, Nurses have cried foul in respect to low wages and insufficient medical insurance, go figure.

But, when a patient seeks "due compensation", ungrateful selfish medical staff turn a deaf ear.

For example, when patients try to assert their rights - after suffering a loss of personal possessions (such as eyeglasses or dentures due to nurse negligence) - instead of fessing up and making a good-faith effort to reimburse the aggrieved parties they shirk their responsibilities (ethically, morally, and financially).

At issue?

Patients at Seton Medical Center have complained that because of the careless sloppy conduct of Nurses on duty, their eye wear - and dentures, in a couple of instant cases - were tossed into the trash (or, now-and-then, just up and disappeared) while they were laid up in their hospital beds sedated.

After the fact, when they asked for replacements, medical staff gave them the run-around, and basically looked the other way.

Complaints to the Director of Administration also were ignored.

Patients were not even given the courtesy of a reply from anyone at the Daly City Medical facility.

I say, shame!

If nurses - and the medical profession are suffering today - it is obviously karmic payback in my estimation.


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