Tuesday, January 10, 2012

San Francisco Main Public Library...dreaded dragon breath & urine smell needs Royal nod!

Sources informed me that when guests at the premiere for "War Horse" queued up to meet-and-greet the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Kate & William) in London over the weekend at a chi chi red carpet soiree, they were handed "mints" to - um - "suck on" to ensure the young Royals were not confronted with any nasty cases of bad breath!

What a delightful idea!

In fact, I think they should implement it at the Main Library in downtown San Francisco, where the ghastly problem is ripe and running rampant daily.


Come to think of it, maybe the Librarians should also spritz a little jolt of cologne on each patron as they stroll through the security gates, too, to hide the overwhelming smell of urine and stale booze on their tattered clothing as well.

Maybe then, a visit to the local library will become an enlightening experience once again (instead of the dreaded nightmare it is today).


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