Thursday, January 12, 2012

People's Choice Awards...fell flat! Popularity show lacked glamour & style!

When Robert Pattinson (sporting a buzz cut) trotted up onto the stage last night to accept the People's Choice Award for the best film - "Water For Elephants" - he gave the audience a sheepish grin.

"I don't know why I was asked to accept this award on behalf of the filmmakers," he uttered up in so many words.

Of course, that was a difficult statement to swallow from where I sat.

I'd have to hazard a guess that the main reason the flick won was because fans of the young heartthrob (a main character in the Twilight saga series) voted in abundance that way!

The flick was a shoe-in!

This was the "People's Choice Awards", after all, where winning is most-assuredly based on popularity, sex appeal, coolness, and - least of all - talent.

One has only to take a gander at the list of trophy-getters to fathom that one out.

The People's Choice for best reality star?

Kim Kardashian!

Best book adaption for the screen?

Harry Potter!

Best comedy feature?


Essentially, the "People's Choice Awards" is middle-of-the-road and pretty white bread.

Cuba Gooding Jr. hit the nail on the head with his knee-jerk reaction when he spied the list of candidates for best TV sitcom.

"Not one black show on the list," he uttered up in disgust.

The production - by Mark Burnett - was awfully pedestrian, too.

At times, the set designs appeared to lifted right from the studios at "Jeopardy".

Prim. Proper. Rife with the sort-of mundane jazziness that works well on game shows.

But, there were highlights.

Faith Hill turned in a solid heartfelt performance of one of her hits, for example.

And, a sketch at the top of the show - which featured Neil Patrick Harris - was hilarious.

But - OMG - after Adam Sandler snatched up a trophy for Best Comic Actor, he managed to turn in one of the worst performances of his long illustrious film career.

Not funny!

There were some encouraging moments, however.

When two "out" gay personalities snatched up coveted prizes (Ellen DeGeneres for best daytime talk-show host and Neil Patrick Harris for best TV comic actor) it was a sure sign that mainstream America was warming up to the idea (could care less?) of same-sex relationships.

To their disadvantage, though, the producers elected to populate the show with a posse of lesser-known TV actors and an odd assortment of B-list personalities to carry out the festivities.

Subsequently, the "People's" night in the spotlight fell flat and failed to deliver (in the high-energy glitz and glamour department, for starters).

In contrast, Ewan McGregor was a stand-out a presenter with star quality, who elevated the prestige of the show when he presented a special award to Morgan Freeman for Movie Icon of the year.

But, I tell 'ya, the host left a lot to be desired!

No personality! No charisma! No nothing.

The phallic-shaped "People's Choice Award" was pretty, though.

Frankly, I believe the "People" deserved better!

'Til next year!

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