Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New York Arts & Leisure Weekend...Carey Mulligan & Clive Davis attend!

Once again, the annual Arts & Leisure Weekend festival returns to the "Big Apple" with a big splash!

Die-hard fans of  film, theatre, music, television, and literature will be flocking to the much-ballyhooed annual event.

And, a handful of luminaries in the biz are sure to entertain 'em - such as Carrie Mulligan, Clive Davis, Alan Rickman, Julianna Margulies, Simon Doonan, David Cross, and Seth Rogan - to name a few.

The upbeat informative and insightful weekend runs January 5th thru January 8th.

The New York Times sponsored gab-fest features a series of interviews with high-profile journalists from the daily and popular guests in the limelight in a myriad of artistic fields of endeavour.

The four-day event is held at The New York Times Building, but may also be viewed online by cruising to:

See 'ya there!

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