Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Natalie triangle put to rest? Death probe ends!

In recent weeks quite a few eyebrows were raised when t was announced that law enforcement had reopened the investigation into the death of Hollywood actress Natalie Wood.

To most, it was a "cold case", a simple matter of an accidental death.

Notwithstanding, amidst a swirl of controversy, officials were inclined to take a second look at the intriguing circumstances around Ms. Wood's untimely demise.

I vividly recall that in the wake of the tragedy, there was a lot of gossip and innuendo floating around Tinseltown.

For example, it was whispered that Robert Wagner, Christopher Walken, and Natalie Wood were involved in a sordid love triangle.

Some theorized that Ms. Wood felt "left out" that fateful night on the yacht - and subsequently - stumbled off in a jealous rage leaving the men in each other's arms.

At this point, Wood - who was obviously emotionally distraught - tripped and fell overboard into the chilly inky dark waters below.

When Natalie called out for help, the two men - hot 'n heavy inside between-the-sheets - mistakenly interpreted her muffled cries for demands that Wagner step outside for a "heart-to-heart".

"She'll calm down," Wagner may have soothed his pal in so many words.

So, they both ignored her pleas.

Later, when the truth about what really happened was revealed, both men were devastated and filled with remorse.

I expect that the recent probe determined if the rumors were true - and, likewise - whether anyone individuals should be held accountable for her death.

If not, the decision to close the case late yesterday, may never put the matter to rest.

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