Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mitt Romney...faces uphill battle with Evangelicals in South Carolina! Paul kindly old goat!

Though Mitt Romney roared ahead of the pack last night in the New Hampshire primary - with Ron Paul trailing behind in his political shadow - the White House hopeful may be on the verge of stumbling big-time when the votes are counted on January 21st in South Carolina.

For good reason!

Evangelicals - a mighty voting block - have already stated in no uncertain terms that they are bent on rustling up a candidate that shares their spiritual values!

The fact that Romney is a devout Mormon doesn't bode well for the upstart at all!

As for Ron Paul, well, at times he's perceived as a kindly old "goat" to some (a crackpot with controversial over-the-top libertarian views to a posse of others).


Heck, no!

But, the race is getting mighty interesting, eh?

May the best two-faced liar win.

Just kidding!

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