Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mitt Romney..."Mom Jeans" quote by Julian Ayrs!

At a recent pep rally (do they still call 'em that?) Mitt Romney appeared to be copy-catting (tom-catting, too?) President Barack Obama in subtle calculated ways to muster up votes.

For example, when the going got tough on the podium, Romney casually slipped out of his suit jacket with macho flair (exposing rugged-looking jeans), rolled up the sleeves of his pricey dress shirt, and - once he dug in his heels - proceeded to tackle the issues at hand.

Is Mitt aping Barack's style?

"At least Mitt Romney wasn't wearing 'Mom Jeans'," I howled to my pals in the pundit arena.

You know what they say!

"Don't send in a girlie-girl (as Arnold might snarl) to do a man's job, eh?"

See 'ya at the voting booth!

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