Monday, January 9, 2012

Matt Lauer...pit-bull or interviewer struggling to survive? "The Obamas" says it all!

With a sly smile and welcoming arms, Matt Lauer (if you've paid attention) usually starts off his interviews slow and sure (innocently enough, eh?).

Today, shortly after a guest was settled into the comfy "hot seat" (lured there by a false sense of security?) - the once-charming snake-oil salesman proceeded to go for the jugular.

In a shameless effort to - unnerve the guest, stir up a little controversy, and muster up ratings - do 'ya think?

Just maybe, the normally-congenial easy-going talk-show host, had been given an ultimatum from the suits in the executive suite to overhaul his namby-pamby approach!

Or, has Matt turned into a pit bull - and a die-hard cynic - in one fell swoop?

After catching the segment on the morning show - which featured an interview with an author and her tell-all on "The Obamas" - I am inclined to speculate.

Is Matt going to be unceremoniously tossed out on his sorry ass just like Regis Philbin was in recent days?

He certainly appears to have lived out his usefulness.

One moment he was all ears - drawing out the juicy gossip from the earnest upstart - with glee; the next, Matt was splitting hairs about nuances in the writer's passages which he - gosh, darn it! - swore took "poetic license" too far.

What do you expect from a book on the Commander-in-Chief and the 1st Lady which is based on an upstairs-downstairs back-room-setting account-of-things where the elusive truth has never been researched properly, collaborated by reliable witnesses, or ever pinned-down?

A serious bio?

Hardly, Matt!

Gosh, Mr. Lauer, you wouldn't know a scoop if it jumped up and bit you on the nose!

'Nuff said!

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