Tuesday, January 10, 2012

London Summer Olympics (2012)...U.S. Volleyball team to sport LOUDMOUTH sportswear!

The spffiest sexiest Volleyball players at the summer Olympics in London later this year are bound to be a posse of studly athletes who hail from the U.S. (and the heady climbs of the West Coast, in particular).

After all, the high-profile sports competitors - who bump and thrust in one of the most dynamic and exciting sports game ever to be included in the summer Olympics line-up - will be sporting a smattering of spritely-colored shorts (and mix-and-match outerwear ensembles) designed by a handful of eclectic fashion-forward wizards at LOUDMOUTH (a Sonoma-based clothes-maker).

Once the boys have turned heads, and they have snatched up a trophy or two, there may be a rush for California "gold" all over again (on both sides of the big pond).

Play ball, boys!

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