Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Occupella for Peace"...songbirds sing and inspire in Bart Station!

Some days life is chock full of surprises.

Like today, for instance.

Shortly after I alighted from the subway train and dashed up the escalators to the street level, the sound of angelic voices fell upon my ears and echoed throughout the Bart Station at Montgomery Street in downtown San Francisco.

At this juncture, I suddenly spied a chorus of spirited female singers - who were belting out tunes - and entertaining all the bustling commuters happening by.

A handwritten sign said it all:

"Occupella for Peace"

Just as I caught sight of another sign that urged San Franciscans to "Sing for Peace", the spirited songbirds began to strike up a rendition of "Imagine", written by slain Beatle John Lennon.

"Join in with us," they urged, as they beamed from ear-to-ear.

I cheered them on, as a pang of nostalgia unexpectedly swept up from the inner recesses of my mind.

At this juncture, I fondly recalled the memorable 60's - and activists like Joan Baez and Bob Dylan - who cautioned about the atrocities of War through the inspiring touching medium of song.

I couldn't help but wonder what had gone so terribly wrong in Oakland in recent days where violence and vandalism have now overshadowed a movement that once held so much promise for the Nation a scant few weeks ago.

The ladies got it right.

Give Peace a Chance, too, eh?

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