Friday, January 27, 2012

Dr. Robert M. Walley...D.D.S. rip-off dentist! Consumers beware of fraud & Deceptive Business Practices!

Well, it's obvious that dentists did not acquire their bad reputations - and mercenary images - for no good reason.

In fact - when it comes to Dr. Robert M. Walley D.D.S. - the word out of the San Francisco Bay area is that poential patients should not only take heed of the old-familiar saying - consumer beware - but run the other way!

After all, Dr. Walley - and his staff in particular - are basically disreputable low-lifes with a license to rip folks off!

You'd think that in these troubling economic times, professionals like Walley - who have the gumption to call themselves "care givers" -  would have some compassion on the needy instead of trying to take advantage of their misfortune with the ultimate aim of fleecing 'em in the underhanded process.

According to my sources, Dr. Walley doesn't give a damn about providing professional quality service, one bit.

He and his staff are simply out to line their pockets with their ill-gotten gains at the expense of their unwitting clients.

Notwithstanding, Walley and his gang of merry thieves also routinely engage in fraud and deceptive business practices - and that, too - is shocking in-of-itself.

For example, although patients appear on time for their appointments in good faith, Dr. Wally's staff proceed to treat them dishonestly and unprofessional with an eye on the bottom line only.

In fact, patients have complained that once they set up an appointment for emergency dental work - and settle in to the dentist's chair - Dr. Walley and his disreputable staff move in for the kill.

When a patient notes reveals that a tooth has been broken "up front", for instance, the individual is smooth-talked into proceeding with treatment right away to prevent further complications, infection, and so-forth-and-so-on.

But, when they balk at the prices (one Wally technician pressured a patient to cough up $540 for a partial cleaning in one side of the mouth), Walley proceeds to use a little psychology - and insults the patient - in a deceitful effort to pressure them into springing for the outrageous overpriced dental work.

"You can't go walking around looking like a derelict," he flippantly laments in a nasty tone of voice.

Under the false pretense that the dental staff are actually concerned about the well-being and overall health of the individual, they try to pressure the potential "victim" into writing a check for the full sum in spite of the fact the individual may have insurance.


The greedy bastards can't wait to get paid by the Insurance carrier. They want their money upfront right away, no matter what the hardship, for the client.

It was all just a clever ploy to get the injured - who are understandably emotionally-charged and upset under the circumstances - in the door right away so they can start bilking them out of their hard-earned cash without any guilt.

Patients are ushered into an examination room with the understanding that the surgery will commence right away once the X-rays are taken.


Walley and his staff proceed to demand $203.00 (and upwards) for an examination fee and practically boot the sorry soul out of their office on their sorry if they refuse to pay up.

Their actions constitute fraud, after all, since failure to disclose is illegal conduct in the U.S.

And, the list of grievances goes on and on, you betcha!

I say, you can probably get a set of pearly whites elsewhere for half the price.


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