Monday, January 23, 2012

David Letterman...utters up last bittersweet tweet!

On Friday night David Letterman fessed up.

Paltry numbers (followers) and a damning writer's block (happens to the best of us) triggered a decision to end his brief love affair with Twitter.

Just weeks ago,Tattler readers may recall, that I reported on Dave's fascination with tweeting and its potential to reach out and touch - well - just about anyone.

Not so fast, Jose!

Because of irreconcilable differences (fellow talk-show hosts ignored his tweets) and on the grounds that his creative well had run dry (Dave found it tough to dredge up witty 14-character-or-less quips) Letterman was forced to admit to his viewing audience that the popular social hub was not his cup of tea.


Dave was inclined to recognize that penning Haiku-style quips was not an easy literary task, and, that rustling up a multitude of avid followers was not going to be a quick attainable goal.

Unless you're a sexy hunk like Ashton Kutcher, of course!

So, with a bit of a whimper, Dave fired off his last tweet with little pomp or circumstance.

In a nutshell, the moment was bittersweet.

But, in spite of Dave's failure to garner much attention (or enviable popularity) on the ever-expanding social hub around the globe, there is one accomplishment that they just can't take away from Dave.

Why, it's the top ten list, you betcha!

May it long live!

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