Tuesday, January 31, 2012

David Letterman...on the rag about elusive exclusive hunk Brad Pitt!

At the top of the Late Show last night, it was pretty obvious to Paul Shaffer, that his boss was down in the proverbial dumper.

"It's that Brad Pitt," Dave grumbled, as avid fans in the stands below the footlights edged closer in their seats.


The popular comic was allegedly in a deep funk over the fact the high-profile Oscar-nominated hunk had consistently nixed his invites to trot down to the studio at the Ed Sullivan Theater to chat up insightful inquisitive (probing?) Dave at old CBS.

Ah, maybe that was it in a nutshell.

"He probably thinks I'll be cooler than he is," Letterman cackled with glee, as the audience roared their approval from the great beyond.

"It's probably his wife, Angelina Jolie, who is to blame," he conjectured, almost as an afterthought.

"I probably said something that insulted her last time she appeared on the show," Dave mused.

Bottom line?

Dave's written Pitt off as a potential guest in the future.

"He hates me," Letterman lamented ruefully.

Apparently, Pitt put in a much-ballyhooed appearance on the quirky John Daly show (which tapes on a sound stage on the same lot just a hop-and-a-skip away).

"He could have killed two birds with one stone," Dave quipped.

"Once he finished up over there, he could have stopped by here," he griped.

"Would you want him after," Paul snapped back pointedly.


Sloppy seconds!

If it were moi, no way, Jose.

"Maybe he belongs on a cable show," Dave concluded with a smug look of satisfaction on his face.

"I mean, what has he done?  He's not a really big star, is he?"

I expect that an obvious dig like that will push the heartthrob away!

Heh, I'm available, Dave (hint hint).

If Pitt has a sense of humor - in addition to truckloads of sex appeal - just maybe he'll play along.

Then again, maybe not!

After all, you can lead a stud to water, but you can't make him drink.

Stay posted for tweets - er - updates, eh?

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