Saturday, January 21, 2012

David to avoid looking short if a guest!

If you're a fan of the "Late Show" with David Letterman - who tunes in faithfully every night just shy of the witching hour - it probably hasn't escaped your attention that guests often appear short when they first saunter onto the stage to greet the talk show host brimming from ear-to-ear.

For the most part, a majority of celebrities caught up in the "diminishing act" aren't aware that the merry prankster is to blame.

For example, if you haven't noticed 'til now - whenever a guest's name is announced over the loudspeakers - Dave is prone to leap up and stride to the edge of the raised platform to welcome the hapless individual to the show.

Letterman has calculated the intro so precisely - that when the "two" meet up at approximately center-stage - he's towering above them on the podium at-the-ready to shake their hand.

At this juncture, both trot back to the seated area (a low-key version of any old rec room in suburban USA) where Dave commences with - what will hopefully be - a probing interview.

For those of you intending (hoping?) to grace the stage of Dave's talk fest in the future, I offer up a tip, if only to enhance your image to folks around the country (who often go by the old Hollywood myth that most actors are midgets - well, as short as Tom Cruise - for starters).

To avoid looking "short" at the top of the show, simply scurry across the stage, step up onto the raised podium in the vicinity aforementioned, and beat Mr. Letterman to the magic "spot".

To get a jump on things, practise at home!

In upcoming posts I'll have a few suggestions on how to sidestep intrusive queries, too (and pull a funny in the process worth writing home about).

A good example?

Years ago when the potentially-scandalous news broke that Marilyn Monroe had posed for a nude spread, frenzied media types hounded the rising young star for all the "sordid" details.

At a press conference, one reporter grilled her mercilessly.

"Marilyn, did you have anything on when you were posing for the photographer?"

"The radio," the sex pot giggled, to a roar of approval from all in attendance.

By injecting a little humor into the mix, Ms. Monroe ended up "on top", instead of bottoming out.


There was a lot more going on in that pretty little noggin' of hers than we'll ever know!


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