Thursday, January 5, 2012

David Letterman...CBS bans tweets to Jimmy Fallon! "Sad", they say!

Poor Dave, he's hamstrung!


Though he'd like to (?) Network brass have barred the affable talk-show host from "tweeting" about rival comic Jimmy Fallon on the Late Show in the future.

Why, pray tell?

"Because it makes CBS sad," Dave half-jokingly fessed up last night on air at the top of the ratings-getter.

To use an old familiar phrase - which was recently voted as most overused around the country - seriously?

Well, in view of the turn-of-events, I'm all agog (to put it mildly).

For those of you in the dark about the Fallon twitter "incident", I guess I'd better backtrack (re-tweeting would be inappropriate and out-of-the-question in this instant case).

So, here goes!

Night before last, fans of the Late Show were probably tuned in, when - aw-shucks Dave - fired off a tweet (during a twitter segment which has become a popular comic bit on the show) in which he referred to Jimmy Fallon as a "suck up" (because the quirky host on the other network tweeted a namby-pamby greeting to his "followers" that evening when he came online).

Subsequently, I penned a post yesterday, in which I noted that Dave's once-humble musings on "Twitter" were turning a bit cynical (if not on-the-edge of vicious) - enough so - that he might eventually become a "twitter terror" to rival Cher (the way he was going)!

Post: 01/04/11

Imagine my surprise, when I turned on the old boob tube last night, just in time to catch Letterman informing viewers that CBS had issued a directive that he refrain from "tweeting" Jimmy Fallon (or mentioning him) in the future because the aforementioned conduct made 'em "sad".


What prompted the ban?

According to toothy Dave, the Network is still sensitive about what "went down" during the talk-show-host musical chairs fiasco of a couple of seasons ago, and are anxious to distance themselves from the troubling past (and the black eye it delivered up in the industry).

Try as he could, even Brian Williams - first guest on the Late Show couch last night - was unable to add some levity to the mix in the aftermath.

Proving he's still quick on his feet, though - and that he still has a wicked sense of humor - Dave proceeded to take a jab at Larry King (he's open game, after all).

I expect Letterman will be getting a call from King's tie rep later today.

Not good for business, 'ya know!

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