Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dave Letterman...twitter terror! Cynical talk-show host blasts Jimmy Fallon!

Seems like just yesterday (at the witching hour on late night, actually) David Letterman first stumbled on the "tweet" potential of the popular social hub "Twitter".

Like a kid with a spanking new toy (emphasis on "spanking") the toothy talk-show host jumped in with gay abandon (well, as best he could with lackluster typing skills and a fumbling liver-spotted forefinger) in a bold-faced attempt to burst into the dizzying technological age with a little savvy (to compete with his contemporaries?).

The mischievous King of one-liners was hardly out-of-the-gate, though, before a cynical side to his twittering reared its ugly head.

For example, last week Dave-O was gushing about the social hub - and offering up Olive branches to his talk-show rivals - to his credit.

But, last evening, he took the slippery slope (the low road) when he began to take pokes at the competition.

"Jimmy Fallon is such a suck up," he wickedly sniped to his audience, after perusing a tweet the quirky comic uttered up that was nothing short of "sweet".


In about two seconds flat, Letterman's going to be a twitter terror - to rival Cher (she's got quite the potty mouth on her) - just betcha!

News at 11!

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