Saturday, January 21, 2012

Angie Dickinson...interviewed live @ Castro Theatre tonight!

"Pepper" (that sexy dame who once inhabited television-land's golden nostalgic past) - aka sultry Angie Dickinson - is slated to appear on stage live! tonight at the Castro Theatre in picturesque San Francisco.

The legendary actress - who I met once on the set of the Television Mini-Series "Hollywood Lives" (she gushed that I wasn't exactly chopped liver when I uttered up a flattering comment her way) - is so humble and down-to-earth that she once refused to be profiled on the delightful - "This is Your Life" - in spite of having been tracked down by a posse of persistent staffers on the sound stages at the first reality-style TV show (?) for days.

For some inexplicable reason, Ms. Dickinson elected to throw caution to the wind on this occasion, and bask in the glow of a tribute in her honor in the city by the Bay (where folks often leave their hearts and a wad of cash).

The once-ravishing beauty will be interviewed onstage by Eddie Muller between screenings of "The Killers" and "Point Blank!"

If you pop by the Art Deco movie house tonight, then check out the theatre's calendar; after all, this weekend there is a special festival of "Noir City" film screenings underway worth every penny you pay at the Box Office out-front for.

See 'ya there!

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