Friday, January 6, 2012

Ali MacGraw..."Love Story" screening & tribute at Castro Theatre!

I vividly recall that fans literally weeped out loud in their seats beneath the footlights at movie theatres around the country when "Love Story" first screened decades ago.

What a tear jerker!

Of course - what has commonly become known as a "chick flick" - launched that old-familiar (but sappy) sentimental phrase:

"Love is never having to say you are sorry"

Overnight, Ali MacGraw (Ryan O'Neal, too) was propelled into the glare of the International spotlight - an "it" girl - who managed to survive her fifteen minutes of fame (in part due to steamy scandalous affairs between-the-sheets with the likes of screen stud Steve McQueen).

Though a recluse in recent years, Ms. MacGraw is slated to appear at a screening of "Love Story" on Valentine's Day, which has turned out to be quite a coup for the Castro Theatre.

On the eve of the return of the classic love story to movie theatres, there will also be a tribute to Ms. MacGraw as well.

To ensure that film buffs get a lot of bang for their buck, management has booked Katya Smirnoff Skyy to warble the theme song as Hollywood hopefuls compete in an Ali MacGraw / Ryan O'Neal look-a-like contest which should be a real hoot!

The winners will be crowned by the ever-gracious Ms. MacGraw.

Romantics may reserve tickets (sure to go fast) at 415.863.0611 in San Francisco.


Callers who ask for the "Preppie" (an inside trivia joke) will get a $5.00 discount.

See 'ya there!

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