Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ugly Christmas Sweaters...all the rage! The tackier the better!

Festive revelers (with a sense of humor) are getting caught up in the latest fashion rage - the "ugly Christmas sweater" trend - of course!

The tail end of this week - and the next - as the holiday season kicks off full-steam ahead, city dwellers will be popping in 'n out of office parties around town  sporting their "worst" cable, knitted, and reindeer-inspired patchwork-crafted pull-overs as they heartily raise their elbows to toast the Yuletide season (tongue-in cheek)!

The romantic little suckers usually run the gamut - design-wise - and are easily spotted across a crowded banquet hall on some wall flower hankering to get up the nerve to ask a potential dizzy sweetheart to trip-the-light-fantastic on the dance floor.

But, if 'ya wait until Christmas morn to unwrap the nifty one grandma lovingly knitted up for a gift, you'll probably miss the boat.

By then, the fad will have faded fast, as folks gear up for New Year!

When it comes to motif - well - the tackier the better!

But, where to find 'em?

Your best bet is to scour a second-hand shop.


Dash over to "Out of the Closet" where you're sure to find some tired old Queen's cast-offs at bargain-basement prices.

Goodwill is a sure bet, too!

And, if you're really stuck, then switch on late night TV.

Yeah, Jimmy Fallon has an "ugly sweater" give-a-way contest that can't be beat!

Happy Holidays!

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