Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Twitter...Saudi Prince invests $300 Million in social hub! Tweet deal!

A few sat up and took notice yesterday around the blogosphere when it was reported that a Saudi Prince just invested in the "little bird that could".

Saudi Royal Alwaleed Bin Talal put his big bucks where his "tweets" were and allegedly secured a 3% stake in Twitter.

Insiders says that the influx of cash amounts to a $300 million-dollar investment for the Saudi Kingdom Holding Company which Alwakeed controls.

Alwaleed is the largest individual investor in Citigroup and has a major investment in News Corp (while monies in Apple, Inc. & General Motors trail behind).

Twitter execs - who confirmed the purchase at the beginning of the week via e-mail communication - hopes the influx of cash will help develop the social hub in leaps-and-bounds to compete with rival Facebook.

The "tweeters" have come a long way, baby!

It seems like just yesterday folks were scratching their heads and pondering how to best use twitter in their daily lives.

Now that the big-time investors have come to recognize the power of social networking the world-over, the sky is the limit for Twitter, Facebook, and others?

News at 11!

Toot your horn with tweets!

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