Friday, December 16, 2011

Twitter...Dave Letterman a natural twitterer! Hangin' & Bangin' not bad lingo!

Just two days after a launch on "Twitter", Dave Letterman is proving to be a natural - though still a lousy typer - on the social hub.

'Ya key in a message, though, Dave!

Typing went by the way of the dinosaur moons ago!

I expect, twitterers will forgive Mr. Letterman for failing to get the lingo down pat, too, for now.

Hangin' & Bangin' was't bad, though.

Frankly, kudos are in order for the toothy talk-show host for a couple of reasons.

For starters, he is to be commended for reaching out to fellow late night hosts (even arch rival, Jay Leno).

More impressive?

Dave put his - um - finger on a glaring "flaw" in the "Twitter" software right out-of-the-hub, so-to-speak.

The snafu has been irking moi since "Twitter first started up a couple of years ago.

For example, when Dave inputted a comma in his post by mistake (in a moment of nervous haste?) he uttered up the obvious.

"How do 'ya correct an error," he lamented, over his shoulder, to his sidekick on the show.

You can't!

Dave Schaffer was quick on the "tweet" and offered up a first solution, though.

"Just delete it."

That's the slip-shod (frustrated) approach that I take when such an annoyance descends upon me out-of-the-blue when I'm tweeting.

But, Dave's response bested it.

"I'll just tell 'em to ignore the comma," he chortled, as he zipped off (well, Dave does type slowly) a second follow-up tweet.



Now, if only the "suits" at Twitter would pick up the slack - and resolve the glitch - so that twitter fans don't have come off looking like they are lousy "typers" or give the impression they have been tweeting in a drunken stupor.

News at 11!

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