Friday, December 9, 2011

The Stylish Woman (by Julian Ayrs)...New Year's cocktail dresses the rage! Par-tay!

The end of the year is a golden opportunity (perfect excuse?) to take stock and reflect on the twelve months gone by.

For fashionistas, the occasion is ripe for a wardrobe overhaul, that's sure to lift the spirits when all is said and done.

With New Year's celebrations on the horizon, die-hard style-setters may be inclined to even dash out and scour their local retail haunts and designer houses - with the ultimate aim of rustling up stand-out par-tay threads, dah-links - sure to turn heads on the night-of-all-festive nights!

In San Francisco (where the trappings of the "Opera" not only rule, but - also set the stage for a lot of high drama) the tony elite are expected to dress-to-the-nines, fer sure.

As the count-down at twelve commences, a bevy of bodacious babes will be stepping-out into the limelight (to kick up their heels, toot a horn or two, and toast the town 'til the cows come home) in a flurry of slightly-racy cocktail dresses (sexy, body-sheathing, lacy, elegant) in chic black, pretty pastels, and eye-catching feminine florals sparked-up with a whimsical accessory or tasteful bauble or two.

How to cinch the "look"?

Just snatch up a petite clutch (a purse just large enough to stow away a "mad money" stash) and eye-catching designer heels, and you're out the door.

And, don't forget to swill a glass or two of bubbly as you trip-the -light fantastic, to set tone for a warm fuzzy mood!

Happy New Year!

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