Friday, December 23, 2011

Michael Buble...mangles Christmas Classics! NBC Special so-so entertainment!

Like Barry Manilow before him, Michael Buble can't leave well enough alone, when it comes to orchestrating a roster of musical compositions to perform live on stage.

Though a fan of the "Copacabana" kid, tattler readers may recall that I have complained in the past about Mr. Manilow's tendency to rearrange toe-tapping hits with disastrous results.

In that respect, well, Neil Sedaka - a fave pop star of yesteryear - appears to be one of the few  olden golden oldies (Johnny Mathis, too) who have managed to exercise a little musical restraint (if not plain old common sense!).

Last night, I literally cringed in my comfy critic's armchair - for instance - when Buble mangled a couple of Christmas "classics" on an NBC special in what amounted to a shamefaced attempt to "jazz" 'em up (and implant his own signature style?).

My knee-jerk reaction?

"Just warble the tunes the way they were intended, Buble, then no harm done!"

Imagine that!

The cheeky young upstart had the audacity to try to best Bing Crosby's best-selling version of "White Christmas" with a hokey one - that not only fell flat - but way off-key, too.

Fortunately, the entertainment hour - Buble's first for the network - was not a total stinker.

In fact, Buble not only proved he could be quick on-his-feet with snappy patter - but, also - a charismatic stage presence worth reckoning with once he gets over his initial awkwardness in front of the camera (and live! audiences).

His voice is appealing and distinctive, too, though limited in range.

With a little more experience under his belt - and after working alongside a handful of seasoned professionals in the biz - just betcha he'll be able to dazzle the mainstream and pack a wallop in the process.

Right now?

Well, he's no Sinatra!


Buble's a mediocre talent stumbling in the dark just waiting to bust out into the dazzling spotlight!

Can Vegas be far behind?

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