Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Man Style...Sartorial spendor on New Year's Eve! Tuxes & Midnight Shoes from louis Vuitton!

Traditional folks are probably stocking the pantry with delectable goodies just now, chilling the bubbly, and rounding up merry noise-makers to be at-the-ready when it comes time to celebrate New Year's eve with family and a handful of close friends at the end of the month.

What about moi?

Well, over the years, I have a formulated a philosophy - from my own personal experience - that dictates how I approach the momentous occasion each year's end.

For starters, I've found for some uncanny reason, that individuals - who cuddle up by the home fires "alone" as they catch Dick Clark and Ryan Seacrest embark on the high-spirited count-down at midnight on the old boob tube (broadcast live from Times Square) - usually end up spending the rest of the year by their lonesome, too.


Bad omen, in a nutshell.

For good reason, I - for one - always dash out the door dressed to-the-nines on the 31st of December - ready to jump in and see what fate has to offer at the stroke of twelve and in the bewitching hours beyond!

To get in the mood, male revellers around the country will be tripping-the-light fantastic in a myriad of fashion statements,too, sure to delight tipsy hob-nobbers partying-hearty.

A rented tux is not out of the question for dudes sol with scant bare bones wardrobe offerings limping in the closet.

A simple black tux - replete with a tasteful dollop of accessories - will likely do in a pinch.

But, a confident stylish gent may go for broke by revving up the handsome studly "look" with a splash of color - by virtue of a red cummerbund, whimsical silk bow tie, and even a tophat.

The Louis Vuitton "Midnight Shoe" (in black) - is an eye-catching piece of sequined footwear that sparkles in the light - and a great way to make a splashy entrance at any chic par-tay!

At a thousand dolars a pop, I certainly (gasp) hope so.

Tails, for the fashonista who can pull 'em off, are not out of the question either!

An understated gent may opt for an elegant black suit sparked up with a snazzy patterned shirt, ubiquitous silk (and/or vintage) vest, and pricey designer tie

Sartorial splendor alright!

More on the what the gals will be turning out in next post!

Happy New Year!

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