Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Man Style (by Julian Ayrs)...sweater, vest & dress shirt ensembles turn heads!

Now that potentially frosty winter months are on our doorstep and there is a definite nip in the air around the country, the male animal has a golden opportunity to break free from the doldrums and splurge on a handful of splashy menswear ensembles - silky dress shirts, cool one-of-kind vintage vests, and luxurious well-crafted sweaters, for example - sure to keep him snug.

In the process, the confident dude will not only cut a fine swath and boost his individual style in social circles around town, but turn heads in the festive holiday season ahead.

The good news?

The wardrobe pieces are easy to mix-and-match provided at least one golden rule is followed with fail..

Be wary of clashing patterns!

For example, if a sweater has a jazzy stand-out design that makes a bold fashion statement, why force it to compete with the stripe of a different color in your dress shirt?

Go plain, if 'ya want your main entree to stand out!

A stripe or check shirt is best teamed with a plain sweater and jacket ensemble, by the way.

Get the idea?

Of course, with a bit of professional input from your local haberdashery, it is possible to really make the outfit pop with an elegant well-knotted tie just right for the occasion.

It's not brain surgery, after all, just fashion sense!

Happy Holidays, eh?

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