Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Lindsay Lohan...not angry over stolen "mad cash"! Chanel clutch purse a fashion must!

A couple of days ago, in a post on New Year's Eve "cocktail dresses" all the rage this yuletide season, I mentioned that stylish gals would be stepping out on-the-town with pricey clutch purses in hand just large enough to stow away a bit of "mad money cash".

Post: 12/09/2011


Of course, I had no inkling at the time  that bodacious babes like Lindsay Lohan would take the fashion advice to the "max" and risk a substantial loss all the way to the "poor house".

According to inside sources, the "Mean Girls" star left her elegant Chanel "clutch" inside a parked vehicle on vacation in Hawaii, leaving it vulnerable to a light-fingered thief who made off with the little designer gem and $10,000.00 (cash) tucked neatly inside.

Fortunately, the eye-catching one-of-a-kind accessory was recovered by the local boys-in-blue, later.

Sans the moolah, natch!


Her handlers swear up-and-down that the starlet was not devastated.

Apparently, the sexy siren  - flush from a million-dollar pay-out for the Playboy spread - is thrilled that the pretty purse has been returned to its owner without further incident.

Say, Lindsay, you may want to spring for some American Express Traveller's checks  next time you vacation on the Islands.

They're just like "cash" and refundable if stolen, after all.

News at 11!

Chanel Clutch purses all the rage this yuletide season!

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