Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kardashians... Barbara Walters backlash! Most hated in America?

Shortly after I published a post on the Tattler expressing my chagrin (disbelief?) over Barbara Walters' candidates for the "10 Most Fascinating People of 2011", I was pleasantly surprised by the knee-jerk reactions of folks around the country.

Judging by a flew of the nasty barbs hurled at "Babs" in the wake of her wild pronouncements, it was obvious to moi, that my finger was on the pulse of the lowly "people".

Evidently, many found the once-celebrated journalist's loopy nods quite mind-boggling!

The "Kardashian" backlash was quite telling, for starters.

Without doubt, middle America has ended its love affair (misguided all along?) with the self-centered greed-meisters routinely tearing up the reality-TV-show terrain.

Are the Kardashians now the most-hated in America?

Even her loveliness - Pippa - didn't escape a critical press or pooh-poohing public!

"She's fascinating because she lifted up her gown at the nuptials for her sis at Westminster Abbey," one disgruntled viewer quipped incredulous at the mere notion.

To Billy Bush at Access TV, perhaps.

"Loony Tunes," appeared to be the outcry of the many.

Were the news reports filtering out this week - on the heels of the fiasco - bang on when they hinted at an early retirement for Barbara Walters?

Now, that would be News at 11, you betcha!

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