Monday, December 19, 2011

Jimmy Fallon...quirky guest host dazzles on Saturday Night Live! Talent to reckon with!

Unless a celeb I'm really keen on is hosting "Saturday Night Live" that week, I usually pass on the off-the-wall antics of the gang of merry-makers,  for greener late-night TV pastures elsewhere on the old boob tube.

Fortunately, I was tipped off to the fact that Jimmy Fallon - a relative newcomer to the late-night talk-show circuit - would be doing the honors.

In a nutshell?

I'm glad I popped an upper and guzzled down a swig of ale - and tuned in - because the likable stand-up comic - because Fallon turned out to be a laugh riot.

How refreshing!

SNL never came off sounding-and-looking so good since in recent months - well, not since Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake graced the stage at least - with their loopy off-the-wall antics a few moons ago which also garnered rave reviews from hard-line crusty old critics.

Although Fallon tends to downplay his "talent" as an "impersonator", his characterizations of well-known political and show-biz figures - for the most part - bang on.


The attractive host is quick on his feet, too.

In spite of the fact, SNL writers are notorious for delivering up hasty rewrites at curtain - unlike so many other high-profile performers - Fallon is capable of pulling the gag off without relying on cue cards off-camera to help him limp through material that is often a little ragged around the edges.

Saturday night's installment (December 17th) was tight, solid, and pretty darn satisfying.

Funny ha-ha, as seasoned professionals used to say, too.

At this juncture, I have to wonder if the rising star of the in-your-face slapstick comedy, contributed gags of his own; after all, the humor was of a higher calibre than usual - Mr. Michaels.

Will Fallon be snapping up comedy roles in big-budget comedies (in a starring capacity) in the near future?

Let's hope so, he's ripe for the golden opportunity, and so deserving!

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