Thursday, December 22, 2011

"A Home for the Holidays"...Justin Bieber delights on foster care special!

Justin Bieber, Denise Richards - and a few starry-eyed up-and-coming performers - appeared on "A Home for the Holidays" last night to toss the spotlight on the plight of children in dire need of foster care.

The issue - which was handled thoughtfully (and with a great deal of sensitivity) - struck a chord in me in particular; after all, I was a foster child in my youth when I was being raised in the suburbs of Toronto (Canada).

The special - which also showcased the musical talents of the gifted guests - hammered "home" one very important point worth reflecting on.

Many children around this country are without shelter or nurturing loving parents during this festive season.

At a time when this country is faced with so many troubling issues - economic hard times, homelessness among the adult population, and unemployment - foster care for the needy (and subsequent adoption efforts) should be a top priority in one of the richest Nations in the world.

Don't 'ya think?

So, with that thought in mind, I utter up this urgent thought.

If you can give the "gift" of a "home" - especially during the holiday season when the young ones should be experiencing love and joy in their sweet innocent lives - I pray that you will pick up the slack!


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