Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year...San Franciscans to party-hearty at Harbour Fireworks Display! Free Muni & Bart rides!

Ridding one's self of a troublesome year of personal struggles, economic hard times, and worries about the future is not an easy task.

But, the promise of a New Year breaking at Midnight has inspired the hopeful to shrug off the blues (wash that grey right out of their hair!) and face 2012 with optimism.

With that in mind, revellers will be tossing on a festive hat and streaming into the streets in droves tonight to kick up their heels, rattle quite a few noise-makers, and toast their best buds (and anyone who staggers their way!) with a glass or two of chilled bubbly.

In San Francisco, thousands are expected to turn up full of glee - and at-the-ready to party-hearty at the harbour, where a spectacular fireworks display will be waiting to dazzle 'em when the big "ball" falls and the clock strikes midnight at the "bewitching" hour!

In fact, over the past twenty-four hours, city workers have been preparing for the onslaught of tipsy guests!

There will be many road-blocks, and a lot of restricted parking areas, so the worldly-wise may want to take advantage of free transportation being offered up by both Muni and Bart into the wee hours of the early morn!

Around town, the tony elite will be swarming in to trendy nightclubs to toast the town, too.

For those with an exotic flair for the dramatic, the annual Masquerade Ball at the San Francisco Symphony, is a sure bet!

Meanwhile, a posse of nature lovers are expected to take the trek out on the "N" train to catch the celebrations at Ocean Beach.

The truly hearty may pitch a tent, and spend the night, so they can jump up at the crack-of-dawn and participate in the Polar Bear swim!

In that event, a few hot toddies may be in tall order so they don't catch their death of cold!

Heh, Happy New Year, eh?

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