Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ghost Protocol...ho-hum slam-dunk flick! Mission: Impossible for Tom Cruise!

"Ghost Protocol" (Mission: Impossible installment) is a loud, brash - a dozen-or-so thrills-a-minute (adrenalin pumping) - flick.

But, when it gets down to the nitty-gritty (and the savvy film buff manages to separate the slick special effects layers from the stardust), it's just the same-old same-old.


The once-wildly successful "Mission: Impossible" franchise has settled into a predictable old rut!

In fact, at times, I felt like I was hunkered down in a comfy armchair in front of the old boob tube - screening a ho-hum weekly episode - which had somehow been uncannily exploded onto the wide screen elsewhere at the movie-house by capable studio wizards seeking out pay dirt.

Ironically, when I strolled out of the AMC theatre yesterday afternoon, I spied (no pun intended) a handful of captions on a series of lacklustre in-your-face promotional billboards that the producers had rustled up for public consumption in the subterranean tunnels of Bart which said it all.

No choice.

No plan.

No backup.

You betcha!

No entertainment value, either, folks!

In recent weeks, there was a lot of "ta do" about Tom Cruise - and his death-defying spectacular stunts, in particular; but, in the final analysis, it was just a lot of  heavy-handed smoke-and-mirrors hype orchestrated to maneuver ticket-holders into the vacant seats.

The storyline?

Mere piffle.

The directing?

Pedestrian, at best!

And, what a pat ending.

If one of the "suits" at the studio had taken at least one creative writing course in College, he (or she) may have been able to fathom up an end scenario with a little more ingenuity than that!

Even Jeremy Renner - capable of turning in an Oscar-calibre performance now-and-then - sleep-walked through this turkey (while the rest of the bored cast gobbled up the overcooked stuffing nonetheless).

Obviously, Mr. Renner chose the vehicle in a bold-faced (egotistical) effort to catapult himself into the realms of mainstream fluff, with sugar-plums and big-budget offerings at the forefront of his  devious mind.

No, he's still not top dawg on the wide screen (starring) but he sure is chomping-at-the-bit to sign on the dotted line!

Even the formula filmmaking doesn't work for Tom Cruise anymore, who comes off too long in the tooth, to play a believable spy-action hero.

2 Stars!

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