Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Gift Ideas...for women! Lift her out of the doldrums this Yuletide season!

For some inexplicable reason, I've always been under the impression that it is easier shopping for suitable gifts for women than their male counterparts.

Is it because I was blessed with three older sisters and am familiar with their feminine tastes?

Or, just maybe, the fairer sex are more appreciative when it comes to "receiving".

When it comes to the task each year, it is important to access the role the lady plays in your life, in order to get a healthy focus on the task at hand.

If the gal is a "best buddy" toiling away in the office next to 'ya, then why not spring on an exotic flowering plant with a scent that will freshen up the day during business hours?

Afraid she may get the wrong idea? 

Then, how about a leafy green one that doesn't need much care and attention (or watering!)?

Unlike the fellas if your life, objects d'art are often very much welcomed, if only for novelty sake.

Gals are whimsical at heart, after all, so take a gamble - if you're stuck.

A "portable" sculpture that she can finger (or play with) at her desk (provided it is not one to phallic) - or in an armchair at home while her inquisitive (suspicious?) mind is pondering life's mysteries - is a sure bet.

When it comes to the "Missus", it may be a toughie.

Don't make the disastrous mistake of gifting her with a "household" item you're anxious to use by the home fires yourself, for starters.

She'll see through the ploy, and you'll end up in the dog house, you bet.

In fact, she may have a headache that night, when you crawl in between the sheets to snuggle up!

If you're inclined to go that route in spite of the dire warnings from moi, then do the following: select two gifts - one that is practical - and the other deliciously romantic (just for her) that she can joyously boast about to her girlfriends.

While cosmetics are awfully personal (and best avoided unless you have her taste down to a "t")  - soothing bath salts, pricey silky moisturisers (painstakingly extracted from oyster shells in the Dead Sea that promise to smooth out the skin) and top-of-the-line perfumes niftily-crafted in keepsake collector bottles - are definitely not out of the question (mostly favored, in fact).

The single guy - with a sweetheart - may just opt to splurge on a frilly see-through nightgown beyond her financial reach.

Boy, that will lift her out of the doldrums, and right into his manly arms!

A one-of-a-kind piece of glittering jewellery says it all, in my estimation - provided it's from Tiffany's or a popular Fashion House, of course!

There are many old stand-bys to snap up in a pinch if you're stuck Christmas eve.

Chocolates (Lady Godiva never fails to impress), fashion accessories (vintage scarves, Duchess-inspired eye-catching hats, buttery-soft leather gloves), are top of any gal's wish list when it comes to stocking-stuffers, that is.

Happy Holidays!

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