Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas gift ideas...for discerning males! Two front teeth, please!

When you consider how many males around the country end up with a slew of tasteless tacky ties under the Christmas tree each year the reasons become obvious.

The women (or men) in their lives have overlooked the fact that their significant other (Dad, big brother, male pal, too) may appreciate (pine for) a special hand-picked gift (although the fellas are reluctant to reveal the sentiment come hell-or-high-water).

Or, just maybe, their loved ones are simply at a loss to fathom up what may appeal to 'em come yuletide season each year.

With that in mind, here are a few gift ideas from the Tattler staff (which make great stocking-stuffers, too) to steer 'ya in the right direction!

For starters, a nifty "steam cleaner" I saw demonstrated recently in Westfield Mall in downtown San Francisco, may be the perfect compact grooming gizmo for any self-respecting travelling businessman on-the-go.

Unless your male counterpart prefers the wrinkled look when summoned to the head office by the boss for an annual work review.

Naw, I don't think so, do you?

After shaves and colognes are always appreciated (and well-received without a grudge) but - why not go the distance - and take your sweetheart by surprise this year?

Pass on the "Old Spice" and other stale old brands - no matter how smartly they've been cleverly repackaged and slickly over-marketed - on the shelves at the local department stores.

"Guilty" - a spanking-new fragrance from Gucci - is an entry worth snapping up and gift-wrapping for that special stud in your life during the upcoming holiday season (whether you're getting nasty between-the-sheets with 'em or not).

In some instances, a novel publication (not Playboy, silly) may prove to be a hit, especially if it has practical applications.

For example, at a menswear store at Post & Sutter (off Union Square) just yesterday, I spied a guide for men that may prove to be a lifesaver for any regular Joe in a myriad of social settings.

"50 Things Every Young Gentleman Should Know" is a must for the bedside table, if 'ya ask me.

In a nutshell, tips a dude needs to enlighten himself about etiquette and proper protocol (to get an edge on the competition) are worth their weight in gold!

Though, they say that toys separate the men from the boys, they don't always have to be so pricey (so, pass on the Ferrari, unless 'ya have the plenty of smackeroos).

A frivolous electronic game that cost mere peanuts was so challenging to Alec Baldwin recently, if you recall,  that he risked getting the boot from a jetliner rather than power-down and call it a day with his Internet pals around the country.

Old stand-bys are still welcome, too.

For example, a collectible, a household tool, even a gift certificate for a leisure activity to afford a bit of R & R, a respite from it all, and a little time alone to ponder life (a ski credit, gym work-out pass, spa treatment).

Just betcha, he's been dropping some hints around the house as big as lead balloons, too (but you've been too busy to listen or just slow on the uptake).

Of course, if you're a gal or guy with expensive impeccable taste, then throw caution to the wind.

He's probably keen to the fact and already fantasizing (chomping at-the-bit) about what to expect come Christmas morn!

What's on my wish list?

Well, a cozy pair of faux-fur-lined slippers (size 11, please!), for starters.

Or, a cashmere sweater in my favorite color (royal blue) that's soft to the skin.

But, most of all, two front teeth (No. 10).


Golly, I just broke two crowns, silly me!

So, now the locals in San Francisco know why I've been partially covering my mouth whenever I open my yap and engage in a conversation with a cashier or counter server at a cafe or trendy watering hole around town.

Just maybe, if I'm a good boy, Santa will come through for me.

Okay. Okay. Okay.

I believe in the tooth fairy, too!

Happy Holidays, eh?

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