Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Decorations...Uplift spirits while away from home @ Yuletide Season! Santa, baby!

Though you (and yours) may be on-the-go during the holiday season, it is not necessary to ignore adorning the environs, just because you're resting your weary head on a fluffy pillow at the local Inn!

For example, today I splurged on a "miniature" Christmas tree - and scooped up a handful of festive decorations (including a string of twinkling lights) - to add a touch of the Yuletide Season to my Hotel suite!

When I settled into my comfy bed last night, I felt like old Saint Nick was going to pop down the chimney any minute, and share a glass of milk and cookies with!

You betcha!

Now, if only I could only find a warm - um! - sexy bod to snuggle up to come Christmas eve!

Well, the week is still young in San Francisco, eh?

Happy Holidays!

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