Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chanukah...San Francisco Mayor Lee attends Menorah celebration! Festival of Lights commences!

Last evening Jews and people of all cultures gathered at Union Square to light the sacred Menorah - Mayor Lee - included.

The celebration marks the 1st day of Chanuka.

The tradition held in downtown San Francisco was first started up in 1975 by Rabbi Chaim Drizin (the Director of the Chabad in Berkeley), Zev Putterman (Program Director of KQED), and Rabbi Yosef Langer.

Shortly thereafter, rock impresario - Billy Graham (who died in a tragic airplane accident in 1991) constructed a 22-foot high mahogany Menorah which has been erected each at the annual event at the commencement of the Jewish holiday.

Memorah is a Hebrew word for Lamp and is one of the symbols of Judaism.

Jews believe that the Memorah brings light into their homes and radiates out into the streets.

By spreading goodness and kindness each holiday season, the Jewish people believe it is possible to transform the outside world and diminish (snuff out) darkness (ignorance, intolerance, and hate).

A candle will be lit each night over the next week in Union Square.

Locals and tourists alike are invited to attend what is commonly known as the Festival of Lights.

See 'ya there!

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