Thursday, December 8, 2011

Alec Balwin...temper tantrums no surprise to Hollywood insiders!

I guess, it was a slow news day!

Otherwise, why was there a titillating swirl of non-stop coverage of Alec Baldwin's ouster from an American jetliner yesterday evening?

According to breathy up-to-the-minute news reports - gleaned from eyewitnesses (one enterprising snoop tried to jump-the-gun by leaking the juicy scoop by way of Skype) - the hefty star of a top-rated TV Sitcom ignored pleas by by airline staff to shut-down all electronic devices in anticipation of lift-off.

To the chagrin of testy stews (slang for airline waitresses slinging cocktails in the sky) the normally-jovial (outgoing) high-profile celeb balked at the notion.


Baldwin elected to finish up a round on an electronic board game (tic tac toe, or something) with Internet pals instead.

Before you could say - Tinseltown terror (or New York City minute) - the aging Lothario was escorted off - "de plane, boss" - in a snit!

Baldwin's excuse?

Because the jet was idling on the tarmac (and not actually ready for take-off) he took the liberty to pounce on the delay for a few more precious seconds.

Wouldn't you?

Well, actually, onlookers' reviews were mixed.

"Celebrities make mistakes, too," one supporter gushed in Baldwin's defense.

"He (Baldwin) must follow the rules like everyone else for the safety of all concerned," hissed another in disgust on the sidelines.

By the way, prize-fighter Oscar de la Hoya happened to be a passenger on the plane, too.

From the pint-sized boxer's vantage point, it appeared that the whole ugly incident was much ado about nothing, piped up the sportsman when quizzed by prying media types staked out at the airport.

When you consider that Oscar is constantly pummelled to a pulp whenever he steps into the ring for a match, his low-key response comes as no surprise.

If anything, Baldwin managed to slouch away with merely a bruised ego.

And, a tarnished image, just betcha.

I personally witnessed one of Alec Baldwin's angry outbursts years ago on the lot at Paramount when he was filming "The Marrying Man".

Just as I was heading toward the commissary, the door to a top-of-the-line trailer was thrown open-wide - at which point - a half-naked Baldwin tumbled into the parking cursing-out loudly.

Meanwhile, inside -  Kim Basinger (a former love at the time) - was responding in kind.


The handsome (explosive) couple were known to fly off-the-handle and spontaneously erupt into knock 'em down drag-out fights at the drop of a hat.

And, more-often-than-not, the bust-up was followed up with a peck on the cheek and a passionate fu** between the sheets (or wherever!).

Do the airline employees expect Baldwin to get all kissy-face (and apologize) in this instant scenario?

News at 11!

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