Friday, November 18, 2011

Twilight "Breaking Dawn"...Vampire fans pack theatres! "We're having a baby!"

If you're one of those film buffs who relies on movie reviews to determine whether to screen a flick or not - chances are - you'd pass on the latest installment of the just-released Twilight saga (Breaking Dawn) which opened last night at midnight in select Theatres around the country.


Critics have basically panned the big-budget "soaper" and written it off as a lot of mindless convoluted fluff!

In spite of that, die-hard (!) fans have - not only pooh-poohed the barbs - but flocked to the theatre in droves.

In fact, those who couldn't get a jump on the flick last night at the Vampire hour, queued up at the AMC in downtown San Francisco bright-and-early this morning to catch a 10 a.m. screening.

Were they chomping at-the-bit to drool over Robert Pattinson in the latest franchise offering, or was the discounted ticket ($6.00 before noon) what lured 'em in?

"Breaking Dawn" started off slow and was a bit talky - many of the one-liners fell flat - but picked up speed when the vampire juices and testosterone  kicked in (a tad, anyway!).

I wouldn't be spoiling it for tattler readers if I noted that Edward and Bella finally tie-the-knot in this slick glossy studio production; after all, that plot line leaked out many moons ago.

In addition, there was a major twist which has triggered a spanking-new scenario, which signals upcoming sequels down the bumpy roads of the picturesque Pacific Northwest in the future.

By the way, if movie-goers exit before the end of the credit crawl, they'll miss a telling scene that sheds a bit of moonlight on that little inevitability!

As for the performances, well, Pattinson's acting is pretty minimalist (boring?) this time out.

In contrast, Kristen Stewart gives it her best shot, as she writhes in pain throughout!

At the close of the flick a close-up of her reveals what a great beauty she is.

That Pattinson's a lucky dude, eh?

2 1/2 Stars

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