Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Starbucks...broken toasters & combative hags image-spoiler! Quality control, please!

Things do not appear to be so rosy at Starbucks these days, at least not at the cafe outlet in the financial district in downtown San Francisco across from Staples on California Street.

Regular patrons are grumbling over a broken toaster (!), for starters, which has curtailed sales of the Seattle-based company's scrumptious breakfast sandwiches, toasted whole-grain bagels, and what-have-you.


Oatmeal doesn't always cut it as an early-morning energy pick-me-up, after all!

Worse that that - to some - is the combative behaviour of a middle-aged female cashier which smacks of downright rudeness (and a display of very bad manners).

The hefty woman with the bad dye job is better suited to slinging hash in a dive in the tenderloin!

An elderly gent preparing the orders behind the counter often appears to be put-out at having to fix the offerings, too.

When one customer politely requested an "ice" water - and a glass of plain water was set on the counter - he went on the rag when the long-time customer requested a bit of ice.

It makes me wonder.

Do execs at Starbucks ever conduct any quality control?

News at 11!

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