Saturday, November 12, 2011

Soup Freaks...Castro Street eatery serves up tasty nutritious menu items!

The decor may not be fabulous, darlings, but the bill-of-fare - mostly consisting of hearty homemade soups and beefed-up sandwiches - is just scrumptious.

Soup Freaks has wisely zeroed in on an oft-neglected menu item or two savored by folks pining for nutritious oompf on their lunch-hour breaks.

I sprang for a sirloin steak sandwich stacked high on wheat bread and was knocked out by how tasty and filling it was.

Imagine that!

In spite of the fact, Soup Freaks just threw its doors opens on Castro Street a few weeks ago, the staff have managed to rustle up regulars queuing up for more of the same daily!

The offerings are reasonably-priced, too.

By the way, don't bother trying to reach for a Coke or a Sprite if 'ya want to quench your thirst.

The coolers in the trendy in-spot are only stocked with beverages not normally found elsewhere.

Soup Freaks is obviously on their way to establishing their distinctive "foody" style.

Bon appetite!

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