Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pretty Woman...timeless charmer still entertains & tugs at hearts of film buffs!

Though it was Thanksgiving - and a smattering of networks and ballsy cable outlets were slated to broadcast top-notch programming for the holiday weekend - sigh - I was doomed from the get-go

I fess up.

Since the lighthearted naughty comedy  - Pretty Woman - was first released many moons ago, I have plunked myself down on the couch at least five-or-six times to catch the flick again-and-again.

For good reason!

The chemistry between the two lead actors is fascinating to screen throughout.

One-line zingers, splashy visuals, and fast-pacing have buttressed the flick up - enough so - that that it has also become a perennial holiday favorite.

Julia's quirky small-town persona works well here alongside the sexy one Gere rustled up of - a standoffish studly businessman slightly full of himself - out to make in the lofty climbs of high business and finance.

When the well-dressed out-of-towner cruises curbside to ask for directions from a pedestrian (Roberts) the fireworks erupt!

Before you can say "hand job", sexily-clad-character is firmly ensconced in a high-end auto, teaching the silver fox a thing or two.

Essentially, Roberts plays a hooker with a heart of gold (without any), without any indication she has plans to settle down into domestic bliss.

Meanwhile, Gere's shell of a soul is bent on tearing down the "Old Guard and Kingpins in the "Captains of Industry", to spite the memory of an overbearing father.

Roberts may just be the heady distraction lover-boy needs to bolster his ego during the tricky negotiations?

Ralph Bellamy shines in the role of a "Gentleman Businessman" (as usual) out to expose the corruption and ugly underbelly of a rapidly-expanding shipyard industry.

I met Mr. Bellamy once on a shoot for  - "The Disorderlies" - at the old Beverly Hillbilly's Mansion in Beverly Hills.

I found the seasoned actor to be kind, down-to-earth, and an all 'round good fellow.

Gere (who personifies the notion that salt 'n pepper men get better with age) displays just enough cockiness to pull this role off.

The surprise star turn didn't hurt his longevity in the film industry (that's for sure) - and most certainly - cemented Julia Roberts' image as a good-time girl worth banking on!

Catch it if you can!

2 1/2 stars.

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