Saturday, November 19, 2011

Occupy San Francisco...Winter Carnival Festivities kick-off despite dark clouds!

San Franciscans did not let the "Occupy San Francisco" protesters dampen their holiday spirits last night at the Embarcadero Center in the downtown core of the bustling west coast city.

In fact, tourists, locals - and City Officials alike - cast a blind eye to the scourge that is tent city and elected to jump into the joyous spirit of the annual Winter Carnival Festivities which kicked-off yesterday afternoon.

Onlookers were delighted to catch excerpts from "Disney on Ice" at 4 p.m. rink-side, then later at 6 p.m., ooh and aah over the lighting of the downtown buildings framing the plaza and park across the street from the Ferry Building (at the foot of Market).

Although a storm swept in, the upbeat throngs were able to participate in events slated indoors, without the necessity of opening up a ubiquitous umbrella.

In Embarcadero Center, merchants handed out samples and courted shoppers at booths, while the young ones squealed with delight for a photo opportunity with Santa.

At the Hyatt next-door, a tree-lighting ceremony warmed the hearts of everyone present, too.

A dazzling fireworks display crowned the festive night!

By the way, Macy's will present their Official Tree-lighting event on November 25th at Union Square (6 p.m.).

At press time, it was announced that ice-skater John Weir, the San Francisco School of the Arts, the Glide Ensemble, and the UC Men's Octet will be on hand to entertain.

See 'ya there!

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