Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Occupy San Francisco...Police Motorcade heads up protest through downtown!

A police motorcade with lights flashing - consisting of forty-to- fifty motorcycle cops - inched down Market Street, the roar of "Occupy San Francisco" protesters could be heard chanting slogans a block away from my perch at Powell Street, and tourists dashed to the crowded curb to snap photographs of the class uprising erupting before them.

Angered over their recent ouster from tent city across from the Ferry Building at the waterfront bright-and-early at the crack-of-dawn - once again - a highly-vocal rag-tag gang of upstarts took their mighty cause to the picturesque climbs of San Francisco.

The signs they vigorously waved said it all:

"Tax the Rich!"

"Make Banks Pay!"

"We are the 99 %!"

Some overzealous individuals reached into the throngs on the sidelines - and urged folks to join - in a bold-faced effort to swell the ranks.

"You should be in this parade," one boisterous lad bellowed at me.

"Because they busted about thirty people earlier down the street."

Another, singled out Leslie Tang Shilling (UC Regent & Director of Union Square Investments Company), as one of the privileged 1%.

A flyer he thrust into my hand alleged that Union Square Investments Company has more than $133 million in assets under management - and thus - is a likely target for their allegations of "greed".

Others were encouraged to show up at a People's Regents/Trustee meeting (at the State Building) to protest the high cost of education and escalating tuition fees.

Stay posted for updates!

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