Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Occupy Oakland...Mayor Quan flip-flops! Cops cry foul!

There must be something in the water at Oakland's City Hall which makes people stupid.

If that's the case, Mayor Quan must be gulping it down by the pitcher-full!

Her tendency to flip-flop on the "Oakland Occupy" dilemma is a surefire indication.

Last week, Quan's judgment was initially quite sound when she issued a directive for the City Police to nudge protesters out of the "tent city" at sunset in keeping with applicable City ordinances that ban overnight "camping" in public spaces.

During the course of executing the task, Officers were forced to utilize tear gas (after protester resistance and allegedly being pelted with rocks and bottles) with unfortunate results.

Although the City's finest were successful in shutting down the - unsightly, unsanitary, and unhealthy encampment - one cop slipped up.

While the skirmish was underway, the hapless law enforcement worker lobbed a tear gas canister into the melee which struck one of the protesters causing serious injury.

In the uproar that followed, a cry went up all around the country:

"Police brutality!"

Bowing to public pressure, Mayor Quan reversed herself, and proceeded to instruct the Police Department to essentially stand down.

More disturbing, was the beleaguered politician's (there is a recall action underway) decision to allow protesters to remain.

What lunacy!

Just because one or two officers erred in judgment in one spontaneous moment - doesn't mean by any stretch of the imagination - that the Police were at fault for what transpired.

Consequently, and for good reason, the interim Police Chief lambasted Mayor Quan for placing the blame on his department.

In the final analysis?

Quan should have given the cops kudos for effectively shutting down the illegal "encampment".

And, on the heels of the incident, the misguided Quan should have launched an investigation to determine if disciplinary action should be brought against the officer(s) in question who may have simply screwed-up without malicious or wrongful intent.

"Throwing the baby out with the bathwater" underscored to me that Quan is not only unqualified to helm the Mayor's post - but also - lacks leadership ability.

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