Sunday, November 13, 2011

Man Style (by Julian Ayrs)...peacock moods in Vogue!

In recent days, you may have spied David Beckham (soccer-stud extraordinaire) sporting a diamond tie clip as he sauntered into the spotlight to chat on afternoon talk shows around the country.

Jaws also dropped when heartthrob - Justin Bieber - turned up at the MTV Awards with a fanciful gem-encrusted broach gracing his lapel.


The male animal on the prowl is prone to flaunt his peacock colors now that he's been liberated from the shackles of less confident men in his midst once victims of stalwart Men's Fashion House haberdasheries.

Designers - like Monique Pean - have obviously taken a cue!

Pean, for starters, has created an eclectic collection of jewellery for the discerning stud that boasts cuff links, tie bars, and key chains crafted from fossilized walrus ivory, recycled gold, and woolly-mammoth tooth roots.

Though forward in design, the body adornments are couched in tribal rituals of the past, though.

Dazzling diamond sparklers say it all for moi!

Pean's offerings may be scoffed up at Barney's New York outlet.

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