Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lindsay pose nude before booking into slammer!

Naughty party-girl Lindsay Lohan breathed a sight of relief as a Judge read the "Mean Girl's" sentence yesterday morning at a packed court house on the West Coast.

30 days in the slammer wasn't half-bad, when you consider that prosecutors were pushing for a one-year stint behind bars on a probation violation.

However, if the troubled starlet slips up, the bench warmer stipulated for the record that 270 additional days would be tacked on in the big house.

There was a curious twist to the proceedings, too.

The Judge graciously agreed to "stay" the incarceration for a week so that Lohan could honor a prior commitment to pose in the buff for a skin mag (Playboy, natch!).

Imagine that!

The court gave a nod to the right to "Freedom of the flesh"!

Playboy spread didn't hurt Farrah Fawcett's career!

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