Friday, November 4, 2011

Leland Yee...Mayoral candidate fishes for votes in Bart underground! Race a squeaker!

Commuters did a double-take during rush hour yesterday afternoon when they spied Mayoral candidate - Leland Yee - pumping flesh and handing out slick brochures outlining his lofty campaign goals.

Smartly-attired, I found Mr. Yee to be warm and sincere, and wished him well in his bid for the post of big honcho down at City Hall.

The race may be a squeaker!

So, all the hopefuls are pulling out all the stops, 'natch.

Yee opposes park privatization, longs to create a clean energy program that can compete with PG&E, and promotes efforts to make sustainable products a viable reality.

His vow to hold corporate interests and government bureaucrats accountable is timely.

Supporters vigorously assert that a vote for Yee is a nod for a cleaner greener San Francisco by 2010.

Good luck, Leland!

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