Saturday, November 12, 2011

J. Edgar...flick fascinating foray into realm of FBI & a triumph for Leonardo DiCaprio

"J. Edgar" - a bio on former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover - has all the look and feel of a big budget feature and has Oscar written all over it.

With the pairing of two consummate professionals - Clint Eastwood at the helm and Leonardo DiCaprio starring in front of the camera - the studio has managed to strike a potential box-office hit.

The economy willing!

The screenwriters have weaved an intriguing tale - at times titillating - that takes a peek into the sacred realms of the FBI (and its original formation) and the corridors of power (behind closed doors) as seen through the sometimes paranoid eyes of J. Edgar Hoover (during his rein of terror over several sitting U.S. Presidents).

The directing is flawless and Eastwood is at the top of his game here.

The fact that "J. Edgar" resonates so soundly is largely attributable to the storytelling gifts of Mr. Eastwood.

The fast-paced flick chronicles - among other things - the investigation of the Lindbergh baby kidnapping (and the subsequent introduction of the "concept" of fingerprinting for the purposes of crime-fighting), and slyly hints at Hoover's clandestine homosexual passion for his long-time assistant at the Bureau in Washington.

Ah, such a cozy affair!

Leonardo DiCaprio is phenomenal in his portrait of a complex multi-layered (muddled?) man at odds with himself in a characterization that is seamless and authentic and something to behold!

In sum?

The popular star has literally breathed life into every fibre of Hoover's being onscreen.

If there is one flaw in the feature, it is surely the fault of the screenwriters, for failing to fathom what made J. Edgar "tick".

That still remains a mystery here!

4 stars!

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