Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fire jewel in gay mecca goes up in smoke! A flaming Queen!

Residents of the trendy "Pines" at Fire Island were quite devastated when the crown jewel in their gay social hub - the Pavillion Club - went up in a poof of smoke earlier this week.

Talk about a flaming Queen!

The spectacular blaze (it lit up the whole eastern horizon on the opposite side of Long Island) triggered alarms at 43 fire-fighting companies - at which point - a gang of heroic firemen roared in and toiled away 'til dawn to contain it.

The infamous Pavillion was host to the wildest "high teas" (dance parties) in recent years and catered to a predominantly gay clientele.

High profile celebs - such as Madonna, Tom Ford (fashion designer), and Calvin Klein - often got down 'n dirty at the popular watering hole (which was part of its heady allure to the locals).

Fire Island is particularly appreciated for its quaint boardwalks, picturesque scenery, and cozy little get-a-ways in the wilds just right for two in a romantic mood (if you get my drift!).

Andrew Kintzman, a major partner in the business, intended to turn the "Pines" into a gay mecca.

Now, he'll have to start from scratch.

Oh well, Rome was not built in a day, eh?

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