Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor...Amfar tosses tribute to celebrated star! Charitable A.I.D.S. activist!

Elizabeth Taylor is being honored posthumously in San Francisco with a glittering gala tribute tossed by Amfar.

The much-anticipated high-profile event is being billed:

"Violet Eyes in the Red City: An Amfar Affair"

The celebrated beauty is being touted for her unfailing dedication to finding a cure for A.I.D.S. and rustling up funds to provide financial assistance (emotional, too) for those inflicted with the killer virus.

Tattler readers may recall that I have written a couple of profiles on Ms. Taylor in the past.

Post:  09/24/2008


The Oscar-winning actress was one of the first major celebrities to take up the cause and raise the consciousness HIV and A.I.D.S.

In fact, when Ms. Taylor first called up friends and business contacts for their support, they hung up in her ear.


No one in Hollywood's elite circles wanted to be associated with such an unfashionable disease for fear their careers (and public persona) may be jeopardized.

In 1985, Taylor joined with Dr. Mathilde Krim and a posse of physicians and scientists in the field to form Amfar.

To date, the charitable organization has invested approximately $35 million in its outreach programs and awarded generous grants to upwards of 2,000 reach team around the face of the earth.

The San Francisco "gala" is slated to be hosted by Andy Cohen (Bravo).

The soiree will commence with an intimate dinner for 100 guests who will dine on delectable dishes prepared by Chef Gary Danko (Gary Danko restaurant in San Francisco), Chris Borges, and pastry chef Yigit Pura (winner of Bravo's "Just Desserts" competition).

Following dinner, guests will be whisked into a Moroccan-themed party (500 guests expected) where singing sensation Chaka Khan will perform.

The dazzling event will kick-off at the Ken Falk Studio on November 4th (2011).

Tickets are bit pricey!

Gary Danko Dinner
6 p.m.
$2,500 per ticket

Tribute to Taylor
9 p.m.
$250.00 per ticket



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