Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ashton Kutcher...seeks VP for popchips ventures! A Monster opportunity!

"Two-and-a-Half" man of-the-hour - popchips president of pop culture (?) - is canvassing the Internet for a VP (a veritable side-kick) to help forecast and launch venture interests in the near future.

If you've got your little pinky on the pulse of a generation or two, then Kutcher may be on the look-out for YOU!

In a recent posting at Monster, the sexy actor was pretty specific about the duties of prospective applicants pining for the job (any job, please!).

And, what a plum vacancy Kutcher has to fill!

The official popchips VP will be rubbing shoulders with the former top model, creating cool digital content, jetting off to report on-location from the hottest marquee events (like music festivals, award shows and fashion events), helping to discover what pops, and weighing in on all the important issues around the Nation.

Apply to:
(search for pop culture entry)

Break a leg!

But, don't get punk'd, eh?



Dear Tattler Readers:

Please note that I received the attached info from a representative of Mr. Kutcher this afternoon.  Apparently, the job opportunity I was referring to was reprinted in error in the San Francsico Examiner.

My apologies in the event any of you got excited over the prospect (or thought you were being punk'd).

From: Michael Berry


Cc: "White, Eric"

Sent: Monday, November 14, 2011 11:37 AM

Subject: Ashton Kutcher Pop Chips Promo

Julian Ayres -- I was forwarded a link to your blog, The Tattler, in which you mention the PopChips contest involving Ashton Kutcher and the search for a vice president of pop culture. Unfortunately, that promotion ended earlier this summer, and the recent ad in the San Francisco Chronicle appeared in error.

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